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Pearl River Night Cruise

Pearl River Night Cruise is good way for visitors to know Guangzhou. During the night cruise, the visitor can enjoy the cultural and historical sites and several famous scenic spots on both side of the river while accompanying with gentle breeze of night. The whole trip may takes about 70-90 minutes.  

Below are some of the spots you can enjoy during the night cruise. 

Liede Bridge: The bridge of Liede Bridge is a single pylon and double cable plane spatial self-anchored suspension bridge, 480 meters long. Bridge main span of 219 meters, ranking second in the world, the first in the same kind of bridge

Pearl River beer factory: It takes the beer industry as the main body, the beer and other related industries as the support of large-scale modern beer enterprises, is the world's single largest beer brewing center.

Canton Tower: the new TV tower height of 600 meters, the overall height of the tower to become the world's first


Guangzhou Bridge

Guangdong Museum of Art: the Xinghai Concert Hall is connected to the Guangdong Museum of art, rich Guangzhou modern culture in one fell swoop, resulting in the formation of the Guangzhou and the beautiful scenery line, have the collection, display, communication, education and service functions of the organic combination of body

Xinghai Concert Hall: It is named after the musician Xian Xinghai. Looking like a zhanchiyufei swan;

Hall: also called "Ershatou"it is in the middle of Pearl River.

Zhongshan University and the North Gate:

Haizhu peninsula garden and sailing club: The building with a few top day flash, night full-bodied shiny "cuckold" is "Haizhu peninsula garden". Haizhu peninsula garden is located in Binjiang Road, at two island, adjacent to Haiyin Park.

Jiangwan bridge